Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress, working together is success.

Henry Ford

As other indirect channels of marketing have evolved, an increasing gap between product and consumer has emerged.

Tei Consulting Group’s sales force bridges this detrimental gap through actual in-person contact with your potential customers. When compared to other marketing channels, the benefits of our service to our clients are invaluable. Face-to-face contact with prospective customers enable TCG’s account managers to cultivate a rapport with the consumer. Our account managers create lasting relationships with our clients and customers by making thorough, educated and courteous presentations on a daily basis.

We cater to the customers that we can serve most profitably and figure out the best ways to reach them. Our strategies are based on rock solid research and analysis that includes:

Target Marketing

Face-to-face sales and marketing proves to be very effective for our clients. Through building rapport and establishing trust with customer, our Sales Professionals bring valuable customer to our clients. When was the last time you responded to direct mail, telemarketing, or an Internet pop-up ad for a new product or service?

  • Target Markets
  • Marketing Objectives
  • Positioning

Professional Staff

Our professionals have proficient sales capabilities including strengthened communications, ability to interface with customer and can overcome objections in closing business deals. TCG‘s unique sales approach enhances brand loyalty, which translates into an increase in revenues and long-term success.

  • Communications Strategies
  • Contact Strategies

Customer Management

Tei Consulting Group serves as our client’s liaison for the Charlotte market. Our professional sales team is able to handle in person negotiations and customer service for your brand.

Incorporating Technology

Technology advances and so does Tei Consulting Group! We utilize the latest in CRM tools to give our customers a smooth and professional experience from beginning to end.

Market Insight

Markets and customers evolve. By utilizing Tei Consulting Group’s expert team to handle your campaign, we are able to quickly and efficiently provide you insight into the community.

Proven Results

Tei Consulting Group has continuously out-performed local and national competitors. We’ve been recognized for our results in bonuses and awards.

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