Candidates looking to build a career with Tei Consulting Group will learn successful marketing techniques by following our proven training systems. Learn how to master sales techniques, manage a team to produce results, run a business, and manage the sales process.

Developing Leadership Skills


Leaders have high ethics. They are honest. If you are to gain people’s trust then it is important to learn this trait early. One of the situations you can practice this behavior is taking responsibility for your own actions. Do not play the blame game when things go wrong. Leaders take personal responsibility for their team’s actions and results.


Goal Oriented

Leaders are very focused on the objectives that need to be attained. They develop a plan and strategy to achieve the objectives that need to be attained. In addition, they will also need to build commitment from the team and rally them to achieve the organization’s goal. When developing leadership skills, start by looking at how goal oriented you are now. Improve upon that behavior.


If people are to follow you then as a leader you need to be courageous. Leaders are brave when they confront risks and the unknown. The ultimate test of a leader’s courage is also the courage to be open. When looking at developing leadership skills, do you have the courage to speak up on things that matter?


Leaders are passionate. They are enthusiastic about their work and they even have the ability to rub this energy off on their followers. Do you take on assignments given to you enthusiastically? This is one good behavior to start when developing leadership skills.



Leaders do the most urgent and important things first regardless of their interest in them. For them, whatever that needs to be done should be completed with the best possible effort. How do you fare with this trait? Do you do tasks that you are uncomfortable with? Start developing leadership skills in this area by recognizing what are the important tasks to complete.

Developing People

Developing people whether by training, coaching, or teaching them is one of the main traits of a good leader. No one can achieve organization goals alone. The team is needed in order to achieve them. Leaders develop the people to build a stronger team so that the organization is effective. Start by developing you own knowledge when developing leadership skills.



When developing leadership skills, look at the easiest to start. Commitment to your work is one of the easiest. Can you truly say you are willing to work hard at the job assigned? Leaders work hard and have a strong discipline in following through with their work.

No Public Glory

Leaders understand that at best they will get private credit for their work. Public glory is not expected. They know whatever achievements are the result of joint effort of their units. They share glory and credit with the rest of the work. They know they are only as good as their team. When developing leadership skills, ask yourself this – are you generous enough to share the fruits of your unit’s achievements?

Our Work Flow


Each member at Tei Consulting Group participates in individual and group training. Whether they are learning sales or leadership, we have a structured program to provide career development.


Teaching is learning twice. Through Tei Consulting Group’s management development program, we give our team the ability to learn life long skills.


Promotions are given 100% within the company on a merit based system. Each member is given a clear promotion structure and dedicated coaching for career advancement.

Frequently Asked Questions

Tei Consulting Group works with clients across North Carolina and the Southeast. We have opportunities nationally and across the globe. Check over our frequently asked questions for answers for what you are looking for. Have any additional questions? Contact our team today.


What kind of clients do you work with?

Tei Consulting Group contracts with fortune 500 and 100 clients to handle client acquisition and market management. Our professional sales team is given the best resources to develop their skills and work with their customers.

Does a job candidate need experience in sales/marketing?

The company’s proven training and development program has helped Tei Consulting Group grow at an incredibly quick pace. By providing each member personalized training dedicated to their learning style, we are able to add on professionals regardless of their experience in the marketing and sales field. This allows Tei Consulting Group to provide our clients with a diverse team that brings their point of view to the table.

Is travel involved?

Working at Tei Consulting Group gives our team members opportunities to travel across the Southeast and across the nation. On a daily basis, the team handles client management across Charlotte’s metro area. Our team is able to participate in satellite market management for the client and attend conferences that focus on leadership and career development as well.

Ready to get to work?

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