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Okletey Wilson-Tei

President, CEO
Okletey was born and raised in Accra, Ghana. He grew up there while traveling and going to international prep schools in London. As a child Okletey was an avid soccer and is a die-hard Manchester United fan. In 2004 Okletey moved to Indiana to attend Hanover. He completed with his Bachelors degree in Economics and International studies. Once he finished school at Hanover he moved to Kentucky to attend University of Kentucky, graduating with his Masters in Commerce Economics and Diplomacy.

After completing all of his schooling, Okletey made a move to Rhode Island where he was able to learn and master a sales career. Throughout his time in the industry, Okletey worked in Rhode Island, New York, and Albuquerque, NM. After about a year he decided it was time for another change and relocated his company to Charlotte, NC. Okletey has turned Tei Consulting Group into a very successful sales and marketing firm here in Charlotte, opening a new market for our client. He plans to expand to at least 3 more markets in 2017!

Danielle Hubbard

Danielle was born in Virginia. She lived there until high school when she moved to Houston, TX. After finishing school she started a family and was able to travel with the military. One of the places she was able to move to was Okinawa, Japan. Danielle lived there for two years before coming home and relocating to Florida. Once in Florida Danielle began working for one of our offices in Orlando doing sales working there for over a year before moving to Charlotte. After arriving in Charlotte she began working with Tei Consulting Group. Danielle was able to move her way up quickly from a Recruiter to Operations Manager.

Gean Andrade

Gean was born in Ecuador and moved to New York at a few months old, where he grew up. He attended catholic school all the way until college where he then attended Kingsborough Community College and received an associate’s degree in business management. In 2012, he decided he wanted something more fulfilling to his career, so he left his current job and started his business career in New York. Shortly after he made the move to Phoenix, Arizona where he grew his business and expanded to Florida. Now Gean has decided it was time for another career move and has joined Tei Consulting Group in Charlotte N.C. and to continue expanding his career.

Joshua Meyer

Joshua is an Ohio native who spent majority of his childhood living in Fort Mill, SC, graduating from Fort Mill H.S. in 2004. Promptly after graduating, Joshua enlisted and served in the Army for 5 years with 2 tours overseas after receiving several awards and an Honorable Discharge. He has gained experience in many different fields in both professional and private companies. Before finding Tei Consulting Group, Joshua worked in retail and after reviewing the company and applying, he joined the team. He learned the ropes of working with the client and earned the opportunity to handle back office client management as the S.R.O., utilizing his incredibly friendly personality and calm demeanor to help Tei Consulting Group’s sales team track and assist customers. In addition to successfully aiding our team with over 1,700 happy customers, Joshua is happily engaged and uses his free time to spend it with her and her little girl.

Shinelle Chaffatt

Human Resources
Shinnelle was born in Kingston, Jamaica. She lived there until she was five years old, when her mother decided to move to Fort Lauderdale, Florida. When she was six she moved to Long Island, NY. Eventually Shinnelle and her family settled in Queens, NY. Where she attended school from elementary through high school. She made mad a lot of great relationships that continue till this day. After high school she attended NYIT, where she pursued a BA in Communications and Radio. During her Junior year she took time off and started working at a marketing firm where she met Okletey. While working, she still attended school for her culinary degree. After finishing school Shinnelle began working as a chef and even started a small catering business.

In 2016 Shinnelle moved to Charlotte, NC to begin working with Okletey in the Human Resources department for Tei Consulting Group.

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