Tei Consulting Group, a sales and marketing firm based just outside of Charlotte, has a long history of performance and outperforming for our client, but in the past year, our team has turned out far better results and growth than the first 4 years of the firm’s existence. What made the difference last year? A decision. The management team chose last year to commit to changes to amplify results and it worked. So what was this commitment and where does the team go from here?

Pivoting, according to the author of “Startup Lessons Learned”, Eric Ries, is when “successful startups change directions but stay grounded in what they learned.” A year ago, the management team at Tei Consulting Group did just that. It wasn’t that the team hadn’t seen successes or impressed the client by any means, but that President Okletey and his team wanted more. “We were sitting on the plane coming back from an annual kick-off meeting, where we saw other firms get awards and accolades and we decided we needed more results and recognition,” says Okletey. By being top leaders in the industry and earning recognition, the team would have better opportunities and additional resources at their disposal. The team decided then and there they weren’t going to continue to play it safe nor would they take any excuses. “We were prepared to go for it all, we had nothing to lose.” 
The decision to elevate the production and goals of the company started to take effect almost immediately and the team saw a gradual increase in growth and achieving goals. The team began to outpace the competition and when Okletey and his management team returned this year for kick off, they won several awards including number one in the entire nation this past year. Not one to just settle, the team decided to amp it up for an even bigger goal this year. 
Due to the team’s constant successes and ability to demonstrate tremendous growth, the client sent an industry expert to meet with the team and while visiting, she ran a meeting on the phrase “come hell or high water” which inspired Okletey. “It got me thinking that the only real barriers of limits are what we can create in our minds. We decided then to start creating bigger and better stuff and we decided to not call any of it crazy or unrealistic.” The team made a commitment to the desire to chase goals never hit by the company or any of the competition, to chase them “come hell or high water.” Each member of the team chose not to be distracted by any setback they came across or allow themselves to limit their beliefs. “Come hell or high water is simply saying that if we can think it, we cannot and will not be stopped in our pursuit of achieving those desires.” As a symbol of that commitment, each member of the team received a wristband with the phrase on it.
tei consulting group come hell or high water
By focusing on a singular goal and refusing to accept anything other than success, the Tei Consulting Group team will see it’s best year yet! Keep checking in to see what the team is up to and what we are accomplishing by subscribing to our blog.