At Tei Consulting Group, we specialize in client acquisitions for Fortune 500 clients in the Charlotte area, and we work closely with our clients to ensure the best experience for their customers. Our account managers provide expert advice and guidance through face-to-face engagement with the customers to provide A+ customer service for our clients. One of our account managers, Jayke Haven, was recently promoted to Assistant Manager for continuing to provide excellent service for both the client and the customers. He also has become a key leader at the firm, helping to establish a team of professionals who amaze the client day in and day out. In this Talking About Tei Tuesday, we highlight Jayke’s successes with Tei Consulting Group.
Jayke Haven Tei Consulting GroupJayke Haven came to Tei Consulting Group after earning his Marketing degree from Liberty University.  He chose to join our firm in order to gain experience working directly with Fortune 500 companies, so he could build his experience and further his career. Jayke not only has gained immense knowledge at the company, he also has enjoyed the upbeat, high energy environment at the office, the opportunity for professional development, as well as the performance-based rewards for working hard for the clients. He has built the skills needed for success at Tei Consulting Group, which has helped him to become more confident in himself and has helped develop others in the entry level role to enjoy the same success.
As Assistant Manager, Jayke will be learning more about the operations side of working with our clients, helping to further his understanding of working with top clients. As he works daily with the management team, Jayke will develop his management skills so that he can form a team of his own and take advantage of an upcoming promotion to Management. In regards to what has helped him be successful, Jayke has this to say:
“Be confident in yourself and your abilities. Give 100%; the rest will come.”
We are so proud of the success Jayke has found with Tei Consulting Group, and we look forward to seeing where his hard work takes him in the future! Learn more about Jayke on the company blog and check back here to follow Tei Consulting Group’s continued success.