Last month, the team at Tei Consulting Group celebrated a major milestone, five years in business! As a privately owned marketing and sales firm, this is a huge accomplishment in it’s own right. We didn’t just get here coming in everyday and doing the bare minimum. Here’s a look back on what’s helped Tei Consulting Group have an excellent first five years in business:

  1. Constant focus on improvement. Tei Consulting Group, like most start ups, had to work extremely hard to get the company off the ground. The firm was able to immediately obtain a major client based on President Okletey’s exceptional work with them previously, something most companies struggle with. He was able to take that opportunity to fast track the team’s successes and quickly expand the team. The firm couldn’t rest on immediate success. They focused on gaining major wins for the client and pushed through when things weren’t going their way. Okletey knew then to never settle and he still pushes to beat the firm’s competition and beat internal records. This has lead Tei Consulting Group to be award winning and has set the team up for major opportunities in the future.
  2. Focus to amplify results. In a previous blog, we discussed how Tei Consulting Group’s management team made a decision to focus on certain metrics and constantly evaluate where they were in progressing to the firm’s goals. By making the decision to come together, focus on the key performance metrics of their work with the client, and be intentional about the actions we took, we quadrupled the size of the team, saw 7 major promotions, and helped our client have the best year yet. Our firm earned the client’s Millionaires Club Award and Okletey was the keynote speaker for the conference we attended to celebrate the major award. We rallied our team behind one major goal and focused intently on hitting that goal no matter what.
  3. Help your team be the best. Tei Consulting Group’s success with the client wouldn’t be possible without an amazing team of people. When Okletey founded the company five years ago, he knew that the small team he had wouldn’t be enough to reach the tremendous goals he had in mind. He empowered the team that started with them to make day to day decisions, taught them how to talent scout, and helped each team member learn how to effectively coach and develop other people at the firm. Each member at Tei Consulting Group has the opportunity to learn the ins and outs of working with the client and they learn how to help others further their careers. It’s how we’re able to exceed our goals and out pace the competition.
  4. Give back to the community that supports you. One of the core beliefs at Tei Consulting Group is giving back whenever possible. Smiling is critical to the work we do, so it was a natural fit to work with Operation Smile, a philanthropy that sponsors missions to third world countries to fix cleft lips and cleft palates. Okletey, always looking for an opportunity to give back, learned about Greater Life Chiropractic’s ThanksGIVING drive to feed families. He immediately encouraged the Tei Consulting Group team to spend time on Thanksgiving day to help prepare meals for families all over Charlotte so they wouldn’t have to go without on such a major holiday. This year’s drive fed over 250 families alone! Our team is always encouraged to give back and bring ideas on how we as a team can support the community that has fostered our firms incredible success.

“Managing Tei Consulting Group over these last 5 years has been amazing! We have worked hard as a team and have grown so much. We have battled through the grind and celebrated in the victories. I’ve learned so much about people and how to be a better leader.” says Okletey, president at Tei Consulting Group. We’re proud of the successes we’ve had and how the firm has already made great impacts in many lives. “I can’t wait to celebrate these next five years and plan to grow this organization further!”

Thank you to every person who has made an impact on our company, big or small, and has helped us beat the odds.